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  • Riley


    Thank you for him Anna, I just wanted to send a quick message and tell you that Riley is doing wonderful and is an amazing dog. He has had many adventures and is so much fun. Such an amazing temperament. Thank you again for him. SheralynSt. John’s, NL

  • Jabba


    Jabba & the Boys Hi Anna,Just thought I would let you know that Jabba is growing fast and now weighs 30 pounds!He is doing really good, sleeping through the night…He is wonderful, playful and smart. He can sit, lie down, give both paws, fetch and bring back, jump in and swim in the pool or…

  • Jasper


    Hi Anna,Jasper is doing great. He makes the whole family very happy and everybody who meets him says only good things about him. He learns very quickly and knows a few tricks. Caroline, Kevin, Samuel & MikaëlHawkesbury, ON

  • Moxie


    Moxie playing in the snow! Hi Anna,I just wanted to share some 1st birthday photos of Moxie’s birthday. He isa BIG boy at 65 lbs. (29.48 kg). He is very smart. Thank you,Eileen Williams and her familyMaine, USA

  • Mazy


    Hi Anna,Mazy is doing just fine and is fitting in very well. Everyone loves her!She’s off to her first Puppy Class tonight. She already knows come, sit, stay, high five, and fetch. Thank you,Alan & AngelaHudson, QC

  • Siboo


    Siboo at UN Fundraiser in Brazil Hi Anna,Just wanted to share a couple of photos of Siboo since we’ve had her!We celebrated her 1st year Birthday last year and had a giant doggy Birthday party for her in Brazil.She’s now turning 2 years old and she’s still our baby!Thank you soo much once again for…

  • George


    Hi Anna,How are you? We thought we would give you an update on “George” (Silverado’s little Born October 24, 2014).He is 21 lbs now and growing like crazy! He is a wonderful little man and full of energy and joy. His tail is constantly wagging and he likes to greet people by wiggling his bum…

  • Sully


    Hi Anna!I have wanted to touch base over the past months but life gets in the way and time passes quickly!Our boy Sully has proved to be a typical, strong-willed, energetic and very smart PWD!He has been in obedience classes from a young age and we are about to start off-leash training.He learns quickly and…

  • Cleo


    Cleo & the Kids Hello AnnaI thought I would send you an update on Cleo as she turned one recently, with a picture of course.The addition of Cleo to our family has been wonderful. She is extremely sweet, smart, and very affectionate, all the things we wanted in a puppy. She has graduated from her…

  • Moka


    Hello Anna,Moka is working in our special needs class since we have her (puppy).She’s now 1 and a half and every kid and teenager in the school loves her. She’s plenty of joy, calm. like to be pet and sportive. That’s a success for the school Gisele-Lalonde.She is the best dog ever! She is doing…